ON SALE JANUARY 2nd! Beholder - Arcane Subreptice CD & Cassette

The time has come to unveil the debut full length by black thrashing hordes BEHOLDER "Arcane Subreptice" will be released on January 2, 2022 on a LTD CD and Cassette with a bonus 1.25" pin.
Hailing from the black metal hotbed of Québec. Beholder's first full length, Arcane Subreptice, is up-tempo black thrash metal, full of eerie melodies and blast beat combined with atmospheric rockin passages. Vocals are harsh and all sung in French, with conceptual lyrics based on occultism, ancient tales and the darkside of human life. An excellent addition to fans of black thrash and Quebecois black metal.
You can check out a preview on Bandcamp https://beholderqc.bandcamp.com/album/arcane-subreptice

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