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Welcome to the Black Beast Emporium. 

Founded in 2012 by Krystal Koffin, The Black Beast Emporium first opened their doors in downtown Montréal, East, providing metal music, accessories, show tickets
, and instrument repair/parts. In 2016 after two location changes, the doors for the physical shop were forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances. Then left Montréal to find a new home online in the Toronto, Ontario area.

The Passion to run a Canadian metal shop started in the early 90's. Hearing metal for the first time, I knew this was my life's work. Somehow, I  would serve the metal community, supplying music and related items to help support and create my own music in the process. Growing up in a small town in the 80's, there was nowhere to buy metal music or merchandise within a couple hours drive. Also, being back in the days of tape trading, it was nearly impossible to get anything in a remote town on Vancouver Island, B.C.

After years of only being able to get my hands on taped tapes, I knew there had to be places that you could easily find what you were into. It wasn't until I was able to drive at 16, I was able to make it to the city. I was
finally able to find places to shop, and an active metal scene. Being able to be a part of an active metal scene, and around like minded people, drove my passion for helping the scene even more. I started out in Victoria, B.C. as a metal D.J. at a few bars, and at the community campus radio. As well as playing and booking a fair amount of shows.

Over a decade thriving in the Victoria metal Scene, it was time to move on. In 2011, I decided to move to Montréal, to open a metal shop and see how the scene was on the other side of the country.  What a move that was! The Montréal metal community embraced and supported me with open arms and allowed me to thrive. Not only to open the metal shop I had dreamed of running but also to book shows, play in bands, podcast on local radio, being a scene tech on large and small stages, and helping out wherever I could.

In 2016, the shop space took a hit by having the whole street in front dug up. It was time to move once more. By an unexpected set of circumstances, I found myself just outside of Toronto, Ontario. Once again, I was embraced in another scene in Canada. Finally finding my way to continue serving the community through this online shop and running a label, Von Frost Koffin Records. 

I hope to continue on this path of metal my life has taken me on. Serving many more metal communities to come. I have a passion for metal and it definitely was not a phase. I hope you all enjoy my offerings, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of such a wonderful global metal community! 

~Krystal Koffin
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