Cauldron Burial - Amanti D'Oltretomba Cassette

Cauldron Burial - Amanti D'Oltretomba Cassette

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Limited to 50 copies. Bonus 11x11 album art poster while supplies last. Pressed on a clear with black liner shell with a clear leader and a pad print in white in a black case back.

VFR98 ©2019
*Poster will be folded in shipping.

"Amanti D'Oltretomba" The second rotten, filthy offering from the necro black metal band cauldron Burial. Dripping with offal and smelling of decay. 10 songs of pure nekromantikal worship. Inspired by the morbid and the erotic, sharing sounds in the vein of between Greek, and Norwegian black metal. 

A must for fans of the nekromantik films, Der Todesking and early Mayhem, Darkthrone and Bruzum. This album is raw, unpolished and pulls no punches.

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